Top Tips On How to Reduce Holiday Stresses

June 28, 2018

Holidays are supposed to be for relaxing. They are meant to be the break you need from your daily routine to get out there and do something different. Whether that means enjoying your time next to a beach or hiking through the beautiful landscapes of Europe, it does not matter. What does matter is that you enjoy yourself fully and return to normality refreshed? Travel, however, comes with a few stresses that can mar the enjoyment you want to have on your trip. To minimise any anxiety you might encounter when abroad, follow these following tips.   

How to Reduce Holiday Stresses - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Pack with Purpose  

Overpacking and being over the limit can be a costly mistake. Therefore, ensure you only pack what it is you truly need. For instance, if you’re going for a beach holiday, then swimwear, coverups and a few outfits for the evening is more than enough. Do you need to take three pairs of shoes? Can you live two weeks without your collection of watches? By limiting your packing, you’re also allowing space so that you can bring home gifts and souvenirs.  

If you’re worried about not being stylish, a travel wardrobe is smaller and more purposeful, meaning that instead of bringing more items, you bring more outfit choices. This will help you pack lighter and be more stylish than you have ever been before. Plan your outfits beforehand and then keep them to the side a couple of weeks before you leave.  

How to Reduce Holiday Stresses - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Know Your Rights for Flight Delays 

Of course, there is an airport and a plane trip between you and your destination, which is why knowing your rights before you go can be critical to helping you manage your stress. If your flight is delayed, then knowing the British Airways delay compensation options available to you can help you manage your stress and your finances better if you’re flying with this particular carrier. Patience is a virtue, but when you are forced to wait, stress levels can rise.  I’ve also just written an in-depth blog post about my top tips on what you should do if your flight is delayed. 

Research Your Travel Destination Beforehand 

Reading up on your destination before you travel can help you be better prepared. For example, reading a travel blog on how to use the public transport cheaply can help you be confident when using the same system once you are there. The same applies to cultural differences and even local laws that might not apply to you at home. Know before you go, and you can ease your worries and enjoy your holiday stress-free.  

How to Reduce Holiday Stresses - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Staying Connected  

Travelling within the EU means you can use your data without roaming charges. Once Brexit happens, of course, these options might not be available to you anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits in the meantime. However, if roaming charges do seem to kick in next year, then you can unlock your phone and buy a SIM card at the airport once you land. Have a travel SIM for within Europe, and you won’t ever have to worry about being disconnected, lost, or in an emergency.  

Travel should be fun, and by researching and properly preparing for your trip before you go, you can avoid most of the stress of your journey before situations ever become a problem. Always keep an eye on the current news, plan what you’re going to wear, and if you’re ever met with flight delays, ensure you’re compensated fully.  

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