A Student’s Home away from Home

September 25, 2017

If you’re heading off to university and leaving home for the first time, then one of the big things that are going to be on your mind is where you’re going to live. Will it be as nice as your room at home? Will it be comfortable and cosy? The secret to feeling happy is to make it your home away from home – and there are lots of ways you can do this. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Choose a Place You Like

When you’re looking for somewhere to live, try and find somewhere that you can really see yourself living, somewhere that can lay the firm foundations for your student life. If you don’t sleep easily, then don’t pick a house on a main road. You may want to be close to public transport or facilities. These are all considerations. You have lots of options, so check online for luxury student accommodation Exeter if that’s where you’re going. It needn’t be stressful if you choose Collegiate to help you identify the best place for you to live.

A Student’s Home away from Home

Personalise Your Space

For many, there’s nothing more uninspiring and miserable than a bedroom full of empty walls. It’s unlikely to motivate you in your studies, and you’re not going to want to spend much time there. So, think about ways of making it your own. Think about giving it the personal touch. Did you have any posters or pictures you can bring from home? Why not pin them up in your new accommodation. You may like fairy lights, why not bring them along too? Or maybe you have a favourite chair or piece of furniture you can bring from home. If it fits, then why not add it to your space?

Back to Nature

Why not think about bringing some nature into your room? We’re talking plants and flowers. A pot plant can help lift your mood, and they look nice as a feature. But, remember, if you’re going to have any plants, make sure you feed and water them to keep the fit and healthy.

Get the Ambiance Right

Lighting can really change the mood of a room. Think about buying a floor-standing lamp or bedside lights to alter the feel. It can transform your room into a relaxing and comfortable space, somewhere you want to be to chill out.

Avoid Clutter

Yes, it’s easier said than done – especially when you’re busy studying and partying! However, keeping your room clean and tidy is really important to keep you happy. Particularly if your room is relatively small. Think about getting some storage boxes, or cases of some kind, to keep everything neatly away from the floor! You’ll want to have a good filing system for your university coursework and notes as well. Tidy room, tidy mind they say!

A Student’s Home away from Home

Study Area

Don’t forget the reason that you’re at university is to study! You’re bound to get lots of research to do, and then there’ll be all of that coursework and revision. Set aside space in your room to study quietly. You’ll want to think about having a desk with a chair, somewhere where you are comfortable working on your computer. It’s important to have a space separate from others, if you’re in a shared house, to reduce distractions. You need to be able to concentrate and remain focused.

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  1. Chichi says:

    Great tips! If I had my time away at university again I’d pick the right accommodation, live in a studio flat and make the place a lot more cosy and homely.


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