My Top 7 Highlights from Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2017

June 3, 2017

SomeThis time las week I was on my way down to Burton Constable Hall which is on the outskirts of Hull for BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Last month, I was extremely lucky to get my hands on tickets for both days to see massive acts such as Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, Shawn Mendes & many more. The tickets were “free” – well had a £8.50 booking fee but where else are you going to see these amazing acts for that price?!

I’ve still got my fetching little boot on my foot (I cracked and sprained my foot!) so spent the whole weekend hobbling about but I didn’t let that dampen my spirits. Here are some of my highlights from the weekend;

My Top 7 Highlights from Radio 1's Big Weekend 2017

1. FINALLY seeing Haim live

I think my favourite moment of the whole weekend was finally seeing Haim. Although it was a very short set, it was just absolutely incredible. Their new album Something to tell you will be released next month and they performed their new track Right Now followed by the most insane drum solo. I just want to be part of Haim, I have the hair for it… just not the talent or style!

My Top 7 Highlights from Radio 1's Big Weekend 2017

2. The incredibly beautiful weather ☀️

We were truly blessed over Big Weekend to have the most glorious weather. It was panic stations when the minute we stepped off the shuttle bus on Saturday the heaven’s opened and the ponchos quickly got whacked on. Thankfully, it was the quickest rain shower every and the sun shone through for the rest of the weekend.

3.  Swish Swish-ing with Katy Perry

I’m sure you’ll have all seen the video of Katy Perry performing Swish Swish on SNL with Backpack Kid who had some serious moves. If you haven’t, here’s the video. We spent most of the weekend trying and failing to perfect the move. Katy Perry headlined Saturday night and she put on a great show followed by lots of fireworks!

My Top 7 Highlights from Radio 1's Big Weekend 2017 Radio 1's Big Weekend 2017

4. Shawn Mendes

After a pretty long que to get into the festival, I made it in just in time to see Shawn Mendes. I’m not going to lie, he’s my guilty please with all of his catchy tunes. Turns out he is pretty talented and I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they were pleasantly surprised by his set. I’m so happy I managed to see him.

5. Kasabian

The biggest struggle was having to choose between seeing Lana Del Rey or Kasabian on the main stage. I’m a massive fan of Lana Del Rey and have seen her before and I quite like Kasabian but I wouldn’t have called myself a fan until now. However, they were brilliant live and I’m now counting down the days to see them again at Benicassim in July.


6. The Police ??

Throughout the weekend there was a heavy police presence following the horrific attack in Manchester. The ques to get into the festival were up to 4 hours long but I can totally appreciate that it’s for the safety of festival goers. Security and police did an amazing job not only keeping everyone safe but my goodness, some of them had some fabulous dance moves. I love this article on the BBC’s website showing The Real celebs of Big Weekend! long formal dresses

7. Kings of Leon

The weekend closed with one of my favourite bands; Kings of Leon. I had waited ten years to see this band live and ended up seeing them twice in three months! Unfortunately, we had to miss the last couple of songs to rush off for our shuttle. Kings of Leon were still a great way to end the weekend.

Did you go to BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend? or see it on the TV?

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11 responses to “My Top 7 Highlights from Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2017”

  1. Emmie says:

    I loved listening to this festival live on the radio and through their live stream too, they had amazing acts this year. Kings of Leon are so bloody good live aren’t they? Looks like you managed to watch most of the good stuff at the weekend, definitely going to try and get tickets next year!


  2. Tara says:

    It sounds like a great event! I’m really looking forward to Glastonbury this year. I think the extra police presence helps put everyone at ease, it’s so important to keep living and living life to the full!

  3. Sarah Bella says:

    This sounds like an amazing event! I’d love to have seen Katy Perry! And Kings Of Leon. I adore Kings OF Leon. I’m glad you were blessed with lovely weather and it’s good to know there was a lot of police around, too!

  4. Radio 1’s big weekend always looks like so much fun and this year’s lineup looked amazing. I bet Kings of Leon were great x

  5. Telina says:

    This sounds like such a good event! It’s great that the weather was on your side too x

  6. A great list, that you have spent well in this festival, I have not been to festivals of this type but I would like to go to one

  7. You can’t beat a good live music festival – it’s been an while since I’ve been to a huge one like this, but we’re camping at a smaller family festival coming up this summer, which should be good fun. x

  8. Yaya says:

    I haven’t watched it on the tele yet, but there are some acts I really want to catch up on. It looks like you had such an enjoyable time. x

  9. Laura says:

    We went a few years again when it came to Swindon. It was brilliant. I have really got into Haim recently, such an under rated band x

  10. Ashleigh says:

    SO jealous that you saw Haim live. I love them girls! I wanna go here next year for sure!!

  11. chichi says:

    so glad you had so much fun, ur hairstyle is really perfect for music festivals!

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