How to Host the Perfect Olympic Celebration

August 18, 2016

The Olympic spirit has gripped the nation – and most of the world – with its irresistible combination of skills, sportsmanship and Brazilian sunshine. I was seriously hooked watching everyone and it won’t be long until the Paralympics. Although we can’t recreate the beautiful weather, we can certainly recreate the magic of the Olympic games in our very own homes by hosting a family Olympic celebration. Whether your family are super sporty or prefer to be spectators, whether you have plenty of space or just a tiny garden, you can celebrate the Olympics in the comfort of your own home.

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Get Decorating

To get your Olympic celebration off to a flying start, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got the perfect decorations. If you plan on making it a combined indoor and outdoor event, you could use special Olympic bunting or paper chains in the Olympic colours to decorate your indoor areas. You could also try making your own finish lines using paper ribbon. If you only have a small outdoor area, you could open up your indoor space using external bifold doors. This will allow you to combine the indoor and outdoor areas, giving your family plenty of space to compete for the gold.

Homemade decorations are always a good option for family events, but don’t worry if you’re not exactly a dab hand at arts and crafts. It’s really easy to create your own mason jar fairy lights or unique cake toppers, and if you’re having trouble thinking of ideas check out this collection of Olympic party decorations on Pinterest. Making decorations with children is also a great way to prepare for a party, and will get them really excited for the event itself.

Get Active

Of course, you can’t have an Olympic celebration without putting on a few games. With a small garden, you can focus on athletics events such as long jump, triple jump and 100m sprint, which will tire little ones out pretty fast! If your children are into gymnastics, you could also set up a makeshift beam and a space for floor routines, which the adults can score out of ten using home made score cards.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, or if you plan on using a field or track for your celebration, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to events. Depending on the size of your party and the equipment you have, you could have a tennis tournament, badminton tournament or even a basketball game, as well as your athletics and running events.

Get Cooking

If you plan on having some tasty treats as well as a few sports events, be sure to set up a refreshment table that is packed with Olympic themed snacks and drinks. You could try mixing a selection of drinks in the Olympic colours or even get the juicer out and ask the kids to create their own fruit juice recipes. For sweet treats, you could go the extra mile by baking biscuits and icing them with the flags of different countries. Alternatively, you could make small cakes in the shape of the Olympic rings. Your athletes will definitely need water after their exertions on the track or field, so make sure you have an endless supply of that, as well as some fresh fruit to rehydrate them. 

Have you been watching the Olympics? Did you celebrate?

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  1. We had an Olympic dinner party and went all out with the Brazilian food!

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