Fashion: Ice Cream Shorts

August 3, 2014
Yesterday was the first time I’d worn these Topshop Ice Cream Shorts. I’ve had them for years so it’s mental. I love the fun print and decided to pair it with a plain pink cami. Today’s been pretty busy, I was up at 6am for car bootin’ – I’ve never done it before but a good clear out was needed! Overall, It was a success! I’m actually thinking we might do another one in a couple of weeks.

Cami – Primark

Shorts – Topshop

Shoes – Primark (Similar here)

Sunglasses – Forever 21

Bag – Chanel

I just wanted to mention that I’ve made a couple of changes to my blog, I hope it’s a bit easier to navigate. It took me four hours to work out how to put a drop down menu on the page header. So I hope it helps someone! 


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10 responses to “Fashion: Ice Cream Shorts”

  1. Awww, those shorts are adorablz!

    Tara x

  2. such a cute pair of shorts 🙂


  3. I love your shorts and the way you have styled them! I also love the layout of your blog!

    Emily x

  4. Alice Young says:

    I've had clothes that I have had for soooo long and never worn before, these are sooo cute!

  5. Sara Thomas says:

    ARGH, these shorts are adorable! I love anything pastel yellow though, so I'm biased 😉


  6. Kelly Palmer says:

    That's such a cute outfit. I wish I was young/slim enough to get away with something like that.

  7. Gorgeous outfit, I love those shorts. I am a bit jealous of the bag I have always wanted a chanel bag, your blog looks great too really easy to navigate x

  8. Hannah Burrows says:

    Aw these shorts are adorable! Your hair is also lovely, it's so long! I recently cut mine a few inches as it just needed it but I'm growing it back out again to about your length, I miss it xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  9. Emma Reay says:

    Lovely outfit, i've been looking for some of these shoes for a while! 🙂

    Love Emma xx

  10. Those shorts are amazing!

    P xx

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