Organizing my blog with Smiggle

February 20, 2014

A couple of weeks ago Smiggle sent over some lovely goodies for me. I’m such an organized person with lots of to do lists and ideas for blogging. Smiggle is an Australian company launching in England TODAY at Westfield, Stratford. They sell really lovely bright stationary sets, pens and even accessories such as headphones. I thought i would share a few tips on how i get organized on writing blogposts and i am using their products to be more organized. I’m also doing a degree on the side so time management is key, i tend to initially write down post ideas in my trusty little mermaid notebook from Paperchase. I spent most of my Sundays writing posts and listening to music and then schedule them through the week. It keeps me organized so I’m not stressing too much if i have nothing ready to post! I use apps such as Hootsuite to schedule tweets for when my posts are scheduled to go up!

I’ve been using some of the items Smiggle sent me such as their amazing gel pens which bring me back to been in primary school. I honestly spent all my pocket money just buying smelly gel pens. I go into my own little world whilst writing posts and mainly listen to music. I’ve been using their hot pink headphones all the time, the quality is amazing!

Notebook – Paperchase

Headphones* – Smiggle

Gel Pens* – Smiggle

Lolly Eraser* – Smiggle (Yes, I did think this was an actual Lollypop)

How do you all keep organized? I find it difficult but it’s good that I’m a list writer otherwise i wouldn’t know if i was coming or going!

Check out Smiggle  as I said before they are launching their first UK store today and there will be a few more launching in the next couple of months.
*I was kindly sent these products to review*


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11 responses to “Organizing my blog with Smiggle”

  1. Esme Peirce says:

    I love being organised too! I'm always buying new stationary <3

  2. Katy Stephenson says:

    love those headphones! they've got some really nice things on their site:)

  3. Eleanor says:

    oooh those gel pens!! they remind me of being in primary school – i need to start writing in more colours!! 🙂

  4. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced I spotted this store when I was in Oz. Such a cute name. Love those headphones!

    Tara xo

  5. Saffles says:

    Nothing better than new stationary! I used to get soooo excited every new term at getting new books and pens etc! In fact, I still do it at the office! Great post. I tend to do everything- literally on my iPhone. Use the Notes app to record blog ideas, the camera, Photoshop and Moldiv apps for photo editing, Blogger app to post, Twitter on there etc. Then use apps like Sooner to organise my time. Almost fully digital these days but you still can't beat a good notebook!!

    Sarah x

  6. Beth says:

    All this stationery is very cute 🙂 I write lists too, mostly on my laptop but I couldn't live without a notebook! xx

  7. Mel Burt says:

    I miss using scented gel pens so much! I always used to have to borrow my friends pens as my parents wouldn't allow me to buy them. Horrible people!
    The notebook is really cute. I really need to purchase a new one just for blog post ideas. Maybe I've just found the perfect one!

    Raise The Waves

  8. Mel says:

    Thanks for such an awesome post. love it! xxx

  9. Rachael McClenaghan says:

    This company sounds great! I absolutely live for stationery!

    Rachael x

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