how i organize my make-up…

April 9, 2012

This is a bit of a random post regarding how i organize my make-up & stuff, i’m pretty OCD about how i organize things. I recently purchased some plastic drawers from Matalan for £10 (i think). I watched tons of videos on YouTube on how some of the beauty guru’s organize theirs and stole some ideas! I’m pretty proud of it! I found some awesome drawers in Ikea but they were like £82 (click here to see it), my bed from Ikea was cheaper than that! So the one i got is plastic but quite strong, they are smaller than i thought they were as i bought some cutlery holder things and they wouldn’t fit. I used perfume boxes and gift boxes inside as separators.  For my brushes i used a clear vase and with blue stones in the bottom and stuck them in. On top of the drawers I’ve put like some make-up palettes on there and other stuff that i need. 

an overview of my dresser 
My Brushes, the stones and vase is from Ikea i believe.
Top Drawer: Face and Mascara. Middle Drawer: Lips. Bottom Drawer: Eyes

The top of my drawers – palettes and kind of miscellaneous. 
Top Drawer :  I keep my foundations, concelear, blush, powders and mascara’s. I dont have many blush’s but i keep them in a box i got at christmas and then the back box is from a Perfume set and then i slotted my foundation in the space between. 
Middle Drawer: Lips! I used another perfume set box with a christmas box lid inside the other box. I love having my lipstick all lined up like this, i need more storage for them or maybe to stop buying new ones. In the back i have squeezy lipglosses, down the side is chapstick/lipbalms and at the front is lip balms in tubs and lip glosses’ in tubes.
My eye drawer is a bit jumbled. I box that some jewelery came in and i used the lid too. In the back one i have all my pencils and liners and eye primers and then some random palletes and  lashes sit on top. Down the side is sharpners, tweezers and curlers and then some Barry M dazzle dust and at the front there is the eye colours in like tubes.
In the front box is literally all  my shadows, i had to tilt them on a side for them to fit and i put them in order of the ones i know i’ll use the most and in size order. I also got my Pixi gel liner up front because i am loving this right now.

I also have this set of plastic drawers next to my dresser. The top one is full of Nail Polishes , the second one is for headbands and a few bobbles and the bottom one has some sunglasses in.

Hope you found this post interesting and leave a comment on how you organize you make-up.

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17 responses to “how i organize my make-up…”

  1. esmedot says:

    wow you have so much stuff! Im so bad, I just chuck everything out! my make up collection is pretty lame!! great post!
    maybe follow me back?

  2. chp_dzn says:

    Hey Rachel! Lovely blog! Amazing makeup collection! Don't even own quarter of it! 😛 You are so organized, we are exact opposites of you! Our room looks that of a dumping yard! Btw love your outfit post too! You've got such a unique style! 🙂

  3. caise says:

    wow such a great collection of everything! 🙂 I don't organize my make up stuff but I bought a box for my nail polishes:)

  4. Star Vogue says:

    great post now following 🙂
    follow bak??

  5. amy handley says:

    Love how you've used the boxes to separate the makeup compartments, great idea! Loving the blog! Please check mine out 🙂 x

  6. Adele says:

    Wow! And I thought I had a lot of make-up!!!!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest outfit post…if you love please follow & I'll follow you back xoxo

  7. Jessica says:

    Thanks for your comment, omg, so much make up- lovely!

  8. Lara says:

    Amazing make up!

    Folloring your blog since now

    Thanks for your comment


  9. Laura says:

    You have so much makeup and it's all very organized, I'm jealous!

  10. Wow! What a collection!! xoxo!

  11. Rachel says:

    I have the same little plastic organizer and I do the same think! I have a face, lip, and eye drawer! And i have all my perfumes and lotions arranged like your bottles are. Organization twinsiess haha

    xO Rachel

  12. Sara Louise says:

    i wish i could be more organised with my make up – mine is a mess

  13. Aminta Paiz says:

    Oh wooow!! thats a looot of make up

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