The Classic Biker Jacket: 5 ways to wear

January 24, 2018

Women’s winter coats rarely get more iconic than the classic biker jacket. It’s just one of those fashion staples that’s endlessly versatile. Dressed up or down, it never looks out of place and can be counted on to bring any outfit up from zero to chic in about ten seconds flat.

Full-length, cropped, in classic black or bright pink – there’s no wrong way to do it. Plus, it doesn’t need to have a high-end price tag to fit into a high-end wardrobe. The high street serves an incredible selection of pocket-friendly options, like the range of coats and jackets from Tu, which has worthy additions to any style-savvy shopper’s repertoire.

5 Ways to Style a Biker Jacket - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Whether you’re looking to pick up your first biker jacket or have one but are tired of wearing it the same way, here are five different looks to try with your favourite leather coat.

1. Flirty dress

Gone are the days where leather jackets were reserved just for low-key looks. They actually pair expertly with even the most adorable dress – pink hues and lace included. Sporting a leather jacket with a sweet dress and heels will give your outfit a little edge.

These days leather jackets come in a rainbow of colours and cuts. There’s no shortage to what you can find, which makes them year-round staples instead of just autumn classics – perfect for keeping your shoulders warm on those transitional spring nights.

2. White tee and jeans

A classic biker jacket goes hand in hand with a white tee and jeans combo. It’s a timeless look that just about anyone can rock with little to no effort at all. Favoured as a laid-back, off-duty kind of style, popping on a leather jacket will give it a little more of a formal vibe. Consider jeans and a tee your afternoon outfit, but couple it with a leather jacket and you’ll have an instantly chic evening look.

3. Full-blown grunge

I won’t deny that leather jackets came into the fashion world with a little bit of a hard edge, so we’re embracing that with a nod to its past. And it’s true – leather jackets paired with a deep red plaid really speaks for itself.

When I say plaid, there are all kinds of ways to do it – a dress, an oversized flannel shirt, a plaid scarf. Any of it works as a great contrast to the black leather of a biker jacket. Couple this with some matching leather boots and you’re good to go.

4. Formal night

Now that we’ve gotten through how to play up a biker jacket’s grungy roots, we’re doing a complete 180 with making it a little more formal. Leather jackets are, again, perfect for giving your look a hard edge. They even work well with a more formal dress on a night out or to a dinner party.

The dress works best if it’s knee- or midi-length, keeping things a little more classic for the evening. Up top, the leather jacket keeps things sleek, stylish and gives your classy look a hint of rock and roll.

5. Classic spring look

And then, of course, there’s the classic springtime look. Biker jackets were practically invented for woolly scarves, high boots and a knitted hat. Plus, they’re the ideal choice for in-between weather. Not quite heavy enough to be classed as a winter coat, they’re often too much for warm summer days.

For a classic biker look in the spring, you’re best sticking to colours like a traditional black or even brown, burgundy or olive green. Anything that’ll keep in line with the fresh, natural tones at this time of year.

Are you a fan of the Biker Jacket?


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2 responses to “The Classic Biker Jacket: 5 ways to wear”

  1. Tara says:

    The Biker Jacket is so versatile, which is why I gave about 5 black ones haha!

  2. Laura Haley says:

    I LOVE a biker jacket with a pretty dress, it’s my favourite. Unfortunately the weather is not made for that look right now, but as it warms up a little I’ll be all over that.

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