How to survive a Music Festival in bad weather

August 1, 2017

This weekend, I headed down to the Peak District for Y Not Festival. In true typical British Summertime, the whole weekend was a complete washout. Unfortunately, the festival was cut short on Sunday and cancelled completely. Obviously, all the rain and mud was not an ideal situation but Charlee and I still had a fun weekend. It was certainly an interesting unforgettable experience. The Stereophonics still put on an amazing show on Saturday night and we even went to an exercise class with Mr Motivator! Amazing!

I can’t say I was 100% prepared for the weekend. I knew it was going to rain but I did not anticipate how much. The worst part was that the heaven’s opened as soon as the festival came into view on the coach! I thought I’d put together a post about how to survive a festival in atrocious weather conditions.

A Good Quality Waterproof Tent

I was really fortunate to have been sent an incredible tent from Blacks that kept us very dry throughout the weekend. The Eurohike Cairns 4 Man Deluxe Tent was brilliant as it had a little porch to keep our muddy boots in and also very spacious for just the two of us and all our luggage.

I can’t recommend investing in a good quality waterproof tent enough. We did notice that a lot of the smaller pop-up tents just was not cut out for the inclement weather. There was some getting blown away and others leaking left, right and centre. Whilst it did cross my mind that we would return to the campsite to find our tent destroyed in the weather, we didn’t need to worry as it held up perfectly!

I also should add that it also helps if you pitch your tent with the porch facing away from the wind. If you’ve got a new tent, maybe have a practice run before heading off to a festival. We didn’t and did end up faffing in the rain for quite a long time. I do have to admit, I’m still proud of us for assembling it all correctly!

Knee Length Wellies

I’m sure you’ll be thinking wellies are an obvious festival essential when the weather is pretty unpredictable. I stupidly took a pair of ankle length Wellington boots. They were horrendous to walk about in as they also had flat soles. Wellies are the ultimate must have and I’d also take about 20 pairs of socks as you’ll go through so many pairs!

Lot’s of spare clothing

In rainy conditions, it’s so important to layer up and keep warm. You are going to get pretty wet so plenty changes of clothes are essential. Avoid wearing jeans at all costs – Another lesson learnt – What was I thinking?! It will also get really chilly in the night (even if it’s not bad weather) so bring thick jumpers and thermals to keep as warm as possible.

The Festival Essentials

Bin Bags, Ponchos, Torches, Baby Wipes, Duct Tape & an additional Ground Sheet are just some of my Festival Essentials. They are all really affordable but will make your camping experience a little easier come rain or shine. Charlee was literally the bin bag queen finding so many different uses for them from sitting on them, storing clothes and keeping the porch (sort of) clean. Not only is a torch great for finding your tent, we really relied on one over the weekend to survive slipping and sliding along the muddy paths late at night.


It doesn’t cross your mind when you’re heading off to a festival that it could get cancelled. Even if the weather forecast isn’t great. One of the main things that got us through the weekend was staying positive and making the most of what we could do. Despite all of the mud and rain, on Saturday morning we got up bright and early to see Mr Motivator and check out some of the shops, food stalls and even the cinema which was playing Lilo & Stitch! Although we didn’t get to see many bands, we still created some great memories over the weekend!

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9 responses to “How to survive a Music Festival in bad weather”

  1. Mummy Times Two says:

    What great tips, especially the point about positivity. I’m so glad you managed to have fun x

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    Now that is some mud! This is such a good post though and I am glad you managed to find the positives.

  3. Lucy Cole says:

    My friend went to Y Not too – such a shame about the weather but I’m a firm believer of it is what you make it!xx

    Lucy |

  4. A good double layered tent is always a massive essential as the thinner ones just don’t cut it in the rain. I’m glad you had a good time despite the rain x

  5. Aw shame that the festival was cancelled on the Sunday but well done on the positive mantra. I like the idea of knee length wellies x

  6. Cassandra Mayers says:

    I have always been lucky that the festivals I went to were dry! I could image the wellies would help a lot! Look at all that mud!

  7. OMG how much mud was there. It’s crazy and sods law that it’ll rain when there is a festival. I think they go hand in hand in the UK.

  8. I’ve been lucky, every time I’ve gone to a festival it’s been sunny. Can’t imagine having to camp in the rain! x

  9. Patrick says:

    Holy crow,that was deep looking mud…spare shoes and socks would be a must

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