Great Ways to Use Your Travel Photographs

June 27, 2017

If you are anything like me when you travel you take a lot of pictures. Nothing is off limits. Even little birds enjoying a snack are likely to get snapped, especially if I can get a landmark like the Eiffel Tower into the shot. The sad thing is that most of the pictures I take rarely see the light of day outside the online world. Printing photos just isn’t that common anymore but it’s always nice to do something special with your travel photographs. So, I was delighted to discover canvas prints.

Great Ways to Use Your Travel Photographs

This innovative print service provides you with the perfect way to take your favourite photographs and turn them into artwork that you can use in your home. All you do is choose the photograph, upload it, choose the size, frame and hit the order button. In around a week your new picture arrives for you to hang on the wall. It really could not be simpler. The only tricky bit is hanging it without making a hole in a water pipe. Fortunately, there are plenty of YT videos available to show you how to hang a painting properly. Or if you are like me, ask for help.

Perhaps the nicest thing about this service is that it is really affordable. This makes it easy to change your artwork and keep the style of your rooms up to date.These personalised canvas prints make great presents too. Most grandparents or parents would love to hang a photo a member of their family has taken of a famous landmark on their walls. It is far nicer than buying an impersonal stock image and using that.

Better still a lot of these firms also offer other ways to use your travel photographs. By far my favourite is the chance to have an image you send them turned into a mobile phone case. Again, they make really good gifts. However, the above idea only takes care of a few of your photos. There are only so many canvas prints you can hang on your walls. So, what can you do with the rest?

Great Ways to Use Your Travel Photographs

Well, interestingly you can actually make money out some of them. It is not likely to make you a fortune, but as you can see from this article it is possible to offset some of the cost of your trip by selling your travel photographs. You could also try selling your photos to the public. There are several ways to do it. For example, set up a website, or use Shopify. Some customers will just want to buy the image, but potentially you could sell products that feature your photos. Items like pencil cases, mouse mats, coasters, dinner mats and wall stickers could all sell well.

What do you do with your travel photographs? Have you thought about selling your images? or getting a canvas?



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6 responses to “Great Ways to Use Your Travel Photographs”

  1. Jenny says:

    I don’t have any recent travel photos but I love the way you have turned one into a canvas – great idea!

  2. I’m quite unusual and I actually print photos and have photo albums around my flat. I do like the idea of printing canvas’ but I have such limited wall space x

  3. Canvas prints are my preferred option too. They are just so eye-catching. We do have quite a lot of photos everywhere though, not just the canvas prints!

  4. Wow! This is such a cool idea! Turning photos into art pieces would really be awesome. The art pieces you have home will be personalized.

  5. Ting says:

    This is such a good idea. I never think that my photographs are worth selling on! Might need to reconsider that. Tx

  6. I love the idea of canvas prints, but I don’t have enough wall space haha. Plus they can get pretty pricey! I usually just order standard prints and make small “memory boards” for special occasions. Great post! <3

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