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August 7, 2014
I thought I would do a little post with my tips on how to get by as a student. I know a few of you are students or will be starting university in September and I hope I can help a few of you. 

I’m now going into my third and final year which is completely crazy – Time will really fly when you’re there so defiantly make the most of it! Take every opportunity – Join a society, take trips and make the effort to make friends.

Tips for Freshers

– Before moving make a list of everything you may need – Use one like this.

– If you’re living in halls, Try facebook groups to see who’s in your flat. I did this and found it easier sort of knowing who to expect.

– Hold off on buying things like toasters, kettles etc.. til you get there. If all your flatmates bought one their would 4 or 5.

– Socialize as much as possible, this is the time to make new friends. Everyone’s in the same boat as you and it might be sort of awkward but step out of your comfort zone and you could find friends for life. 

– Don’t miss your first couple of lessons because your hanging from freshers – This is where you begin to settle down and find your feet.

– Defiantly go to the Fresher’s Fair, You’ll find lot’s of activities to get involved in a societies to join and you’ll get a ton a freebies.

Tips for Studying

– It an obvious thing to say but Time Mangement is key. There has been occasions where I’m still in the library after 2 all-nighters, 2 hours before my deadline with not much done. 

– Don’t take on too much work, having a job is important for the extra cash flow but don’t over-do it and leave enough time for studying.

– I find it easier to isolate myself and just get it done. Lock yourself away and stay off Facebook.

Tips on Saving Money

– Don’t become addicted to Nandos. I spend way too much money on eating out and in my third year I’m really going to cut back. Eat out in moderation.

– Organize shared meals with your flatmates, It will save money and also more hands on to cook and wash up.

– Use websites such as Studentbeans.com and 10 Ways on Facebook, However it’s only ever useful if you actually was going to buy the products featured.

– I also recommend to get the NUS Card (£11), which you can also get if you’re at college. So many savings and you make your money back in no time. 

– Also Bite Cards (Free) get you 20% off at retail outlets in train stations.

Young Persons Railcard (£30) are so handy for travelling home. You get a discount of the card with NUS and also I get mine with Tesco Clubcard points. 

– If you’re in a houseshare, bills are normally not included. BT Student currently have introduced a new fibre optic broadband deal to save money for students. You can save up to £222 a year compared to regular packages. They are offering 9 month contracts (which is great if you aren’t there the whole year) on their BT Broadband – which is £16 month and provides you with unlimited download usage and saves £96. The BT Infinity extra package offers 40GB download usage and at £14 a month works out at £3.50 each between 4 housemates! The Unlimited BT Infinity package offers completly unlimited downloads with a 38MB download speed. It’s an additional £15.99 for line rental – Which includes unlimited free weekend calls. These are really great value as they include unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi You can find out more here!

Hope this has helped any new students or current students! If you have any tips for the student life, leave them down below! 


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4 responses to “Rachel Nicole’s Guide for Students”

  1. anna s says:

    This was so useful! I'm not going to uni this year but I will hopefully be studying fashion next year.. i would love a post on what it's like to be a fashion student! xo

  2. Amanda Moss says:

    Agree with everything in this post, some really great tips! I'm so sad that my first year at university is over xx


  3. Kate says:

    Great post, I'll definitely take on some of your tips 🙂

    Kate xo // beautybabbles.com

  4. Hannah Burrows says:

    Totally agree with the studying tips, I had to cut myself off of the internet and just do it – I know how you feel with all nighters! It sucks haha xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

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