Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera

July 25, 2017

Last week, I was in sunny Spain at Benicassim Music Festival having the time of my life. I’m currently avoiding the rain and sat with the heating on. What is going on?! Isn’t this supposed to be Summer in the UK? Benicassim Festival is primarily in the evening with the headliners not even coming on stage until after midnight. This gave us the chance to chill at the beach and I decided to bring my new Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera* along to play with. I’m sure you’ll all know by now that I’m not the most technical person. I usually just play around and hope for the best, which is what I did on this occasion…

Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

I already own a GoPro Hero 4 so do expect quite a lot of comparisons in this post. Up until last Summer, I had no interest in buying an action camera. I honestly didn’t think I would get the use out of it. Turns out, they are a pretty handy camera for taking on holiday. The Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera was from Maplin and is currently on sale for £59.99. So, it’s considerably a lot cheaper than a GoPro but how does it compare?

Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

I’m not going to lie, it did take me a very long time to work out how to get the plastic casing off the camera. These action cameras always seem to come so securely and well packaged that I spend a good three or four hours working out how to break into them! We got there eventually and I inserted the Memory Card and started charging it which is via a USB.

Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

The Kaiser Baas camera has a two option menu; video and photo mode. It really is pretty simple to use. My first trial was using it in the sea with its protective case. The case can supposedly protect the camera up to 30 metres, I’d say I went a metre under water. I’m really impressed with the quality of footage from the sea which recorded in HD. I’ve inserted a few clips but they aren’t the best as I couldn’t see the screen very well in the sunshine. Rookie error.

Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

The other time I used the camera was at the festival. As it was quite dark, I wasn’t expecting the footage to be anything spectacular. The footage I filmed without the protective case was a lot clearer than with it. You can’t see a lot as we were quite far back but I was impressed that the footage was all so clear. However, The battery life wasn’t the best, I had only used the camera once or twice before it died at the festival. The camera is to be charged via a USB which is good for a festival as you can use your portable USB charger. I’m sure if you’ve been to a festival you’ll know how precious the USB portable chargers are so I was using it very sparsely. Another thing to note is that when you come to edit your footage and photos, there is a watermark on everything, I’ve cropped it out of some of mine though.

So how does the camera compare to my GoPro Hero 4? The quality of the footage is certainly just as good.  My GoPro Hero 4 does offer more options such as Burst mode, time lapse and changeable field of views. However, if you’re looking for a no-frills action camera for images and videos, the Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera is for you. This action camera is pretty affordable for what it does. I’d say it’s a great addition if you’re looking for something to play about with on holiday. The quality of the photo’s and footage was pretty impressive but I do wish the battery life was a little bit longer.

Do you have an action camera? Do you want one?


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11 responses to “Kaiser Baas X90 1080p Action Camera”

  1. Mummy Times Two says:

    Ooo this sounds great. Affordable enough for children to experiment with as well.

  2. Mel says:

    I’d love an action camera – so good that it takes good quality footage but not so great that the battery life isn’t very good

  3. I have a cheap action cam but I have barely used it, something I need to change especially for under water experiences x

  4. I really want an action camera, love the look of this one x

  5. Action cameras are really handy, we have one and it’s a great way to capture content! xxx

  6. Jess says:

    I always think these are a great idea, but never actually get round to using them! We ended up getting rid of our GoPro after only using it once. This does look like a good bit of kit for any adventurous Youtubers though!

  7. Melanie says:

    I would love one of these but I know what you mean about battery life…always an issue. My phone is the same, clearly I must overuse it lol 🙂 x

  8. What a great little bit of kit, for a pretty good price! I don’t own an action camera at the moment so this could be a good entry level one for me!

  9. We haven’t an action camera and have heard mixed things about them! Battery life is super important for us…especially recharging at festivals! (We’re at Camp Bestival now!) Xx

  10. Jenni says:

    I’ve not got one of these. My sister had a go pro. If the quality is just as good I would probably get one of these are the price is so much better!

  11. Kira says:

    I tried a cheaper action camera before but it really didn’t compare to gopros! This one looks pretty good, glad to see there is more competition out there, and at a much cheaper price

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