Lifestyle: Life’s Best Little Indulgences

June 29, 2015

needs a little treat or indulgence once in a while, don’t they? The word
indulgence often makes us think of doing something expensive; a one-off treat
that is too luxurious to indulge in often. But some of the best treats are
often inexpensive and easy to arrange. Here are the top 7 (small) indulgences
that you can treat yourself to this summer:

Turn off
your phone

shouldn’t be an indulgence, but unfortunately in this day and age, switching
off to the world is an indulgence. Knowing that you are free from any online
responsibilities, administrative or personal allows you the space and time to
actually enjoy the activities that *are* considered indulgences. So first
thing’s first: switch off your phone.

yourself to a wine deal

in moderation is a great mantra – and never has it been quite so accurate when
it comes to wine. Having a glass of wine at the end of a tough work day, or to
toast a dinner with a loved one, or get a little giggly over lunch with your
girlfriends is one of life’s best indulgences. However, buying a bottle of
£5.00 grog is probably not going to be a treat so much as an anaesthetic. Look
out for wine deals; retailers like Tesco often have
great bargains on excellent wine, so you can treat yourself properly by sipping
on a smooth glass of your favourite red, white or rosé.

Visit a Farmer’s Market
With more customers searching for organic, home-grown products, the number of farmer’s food markets has increased. Because you’re not paying for store overheads, farmer’s markets are great for picking up unusual, delicious foods at a fraction of the cost. Treat yourself to some exotic fruit, fancy cheeses, fresh baked breads and cured meats.

Organise a picnic
It’s summer, and eating food and getting together with your friends is a given. And if you’re stocked up on the aforementioned wine and farmer’s market goods, there’s no better way to put those to use by packing a blanket, some sunscreen and some portable speakers and finding a green space to enjoy the summer weather while it lasts.

Bargain shopping
A little retail therapy can go a long way, but it’s not much of a relaxing treat if you’re elbowing your way through Saturday crowds. Instead, avoid the busy shopping areas and rummage through some vintage clothes stores, where you can find some unique pieces that no one else will have this summer. Take your girlfriends and make a day of it, and you’ll find yourself a bargain without breaking the bank.

Give yourself a pedicure
Everyone loves getting beauty treatments, and come the warmer weather, getting a pedicure can really make you feel ready for the summer. Doing a pedicure at home is easier than you think, and can be really soothing after a long day.
Buff your heels and soles, then fill a bowl with warm water and soak your feet for around 10 mins. Use a foot scrub to banish the last of the dead skin, cut your toe nails, file them and then moisturize your feet with a peppermint lotion. Choose your favourite nail polish, and voila! Your feet will be ready for those summer sandals.

Take a bath
It’s rare that you’ll opt for a bath over a shower when you’ve got places to be and people to see, but running a bath, popping in some bath salts, or some bubbles and taking the time out of your day to have a bath can soothe muscles, reduce stress and boost your sense of wellbeing.
So that’s it, a list of indulgences you can treat yourself with over this summer season. Take care of yourself, and enjoy!

This is a guest post – Image by Brendan DeBrincat used under the Creative Commons license.


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  1. Bargain shopping and turning off your phone = YES!

    Tara x

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