Instagram: Bruges Edition!

March 31, 2013
HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! If you didn’t know, this week i took a little trip to Bruges with my boyfriend. Check out my blogpost here. It was only a little superbreak but it was a nice little trip! Now, I’m back home for Easter and just chilling – I don’t have much planned but I’m hoping to go to Leeds for the day to see the new Trinity Shopping Centre which is going to be amazing! (has anybody been yet?) I’m also hoping to give my blog a little makeover whilst i’ve got some free time, feel free to leave any ideas! Back to Bruges; here’s some of my instagram photo’s from the trip!

1. The boat to and from Bruges! (was a bit rocky) 2. A very old school and pink Pizza Hut! 3. cute horse and cart! 4. pretty streets in Bruges! 5. yummy pancakes with ice cream and chocolate 6. How much is that pug in the window? 7. lots and lots of bicycles! 8. massive square with a fountain! 9. The canals of Bruges!

10. having the meal on the boat. 11. waves! 12. I love going to Europe.. they always have Orangina! 13. The market square 14. Bingo on the boat, it was a bit tense… only one number left! 15. Haagen Dazs 16 & 17. Pretty Churches! 18. I’ll admit that I’m slightly insane.
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Have a lovely Easter Weekend


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7 responses to “Instagram: Bruges Edition!”

  1. Gorgeous instagram photos, Bruges looks like such a lovely place, I'd really love to go! Those pancakes look so yummy! Your other photos from Bruges are beautiful too!


  2. Bruges looks so much fun! I love to travel. Happy Easter too!
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. RosyChicc says:

    Lovely photos hun, looks like you had a great time! Bruges seems so nice and peaceful! <33 Happy Easter!

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel Lipstick and some Maybelline goodies! :))


  4. Ai says:

    Just found your blog!
    I've never been to Bruges but it looks amazing! I'd love to go one day 🙂
    Hope you had a great weekend♥

  5. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even on Lookbook if you want…just let me know :3

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