May 30, 2011

Just got back from been up north. On Saturday night we went to see Take That with- my mum in Sunderland. It was amazing – In my opinion Robbie stole the show + i came SOO close to touching him. We Qued up at 2pm and the doors opened at 4pm and when we got in we could either sit or stand, we choose to stand and got a place a couple of rows from the front at the beggining of the runway. It started at 7.30 and the pet shop boys came on, im not a fan and never really heard any of their songs apart from go west but they were good and their dancers were amazing! Take That came on at 8.30 without robbie and sang ‘Rule The World’, ‘Shine’ and all of those. When they sang Shine they had this Alice in Wonderland setting and a sort of tea party and a giant catterpillar came out and Mark Owen rode down the runway singing on it. They all went through a door in the giant screen and then Robbie Williams smashed through the screen and then sang some of his songs. Sang Feel on this platform and came sooo close to touching him, he flyed about half a meter above me. Then he sang Angels and melted – it’s just one of those songs that i needed to hear live in my life. Then Take That came back out as a five-piece, they sang all their new and old songs with amazing dancers and themes. There was an amazing ballerina that came out, there was so much going on i cant remember most of it 🙂 At the end was a giant like robot person called Om and as the show progressed on they did more things and nearer to the end they climbed on it to the end of the runway and the giant stood up as they sang Never forget. It was just amazing that it was soo huge and it was moving around! It was an amazing show to see, i was absolutly knackered afterwards, i was stood up for 9 hours. Then it took 2 and a half hours to get out of the car park. I was staying at my uncles about 45mins away from Sunderland and we got in at 2.30am. Then on Sunday we went back up north to Newcastle went to Hollister, got a tee in the sale and a Superdry coat, then went to see Pirates of the carribean 4 in 3D. I wouldn’t say it was the best out of all the films but it was still reaaally good!

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