Keeping In Shape on Holiday with Marella Cruises

Keeping Fit and Healthy on Holiday is actually surprisingly do-able. With all the indulgences of an all-inclusive buffet, it still is possible to keep in shape whether you’re holidaying in Spain or on a Cruise around the Carribean. I’ve partnered up with Marella Cruises who have been working with Frankie and Wayne Bridge. Marella Cruises are part of the TUI Group and offer a range of cruises around the world including the Carribean, Far East and Europe.  They are also the third largest cruise line in the UK with a fleet of five ships and their new vessel; Marella Explorer will begin…

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Yoga in the office

One of my 2017 goals and resolutions, is to be more active and definitely tone up. I’ve decided to try out yoga, which up to now my only experience has been on the Wii Fit game. So not really a lot. I was also inspired by Annie Bean’s blog post and how yoga is so much more than exercise, it helps the body, mind and soul. I’ve actually owned a yoga mat for years, so it’s time to get it out and actually use it. As I work from home, I’m basically either sat at my desk, in a coffee shop…

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