Vancouver, Canada

Exploring Vancouver with Marco Polo Guides

During my 9 week trip across the pond, I actually took a little trip across the border to Canada. I did have plans to stay in Canada longer and travel across to Toronto but things changed. I actually ended up doing a West Coast Californian Road trip. During my time in San Francisco, I took a short two and a half hour flight up to Vancouver. Prior to my trip, I’d done a little bit of research for my trip using the Marco Polo Guides and I had one specifically for Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies which came in such…

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Planning My Trip to USA & Canada with Marco Polo Guides

I’ve spent months going on about my big trip to America and Canada and it is now three weeks until I jet off on my big adventure. Usually, I spend months writing up a strict itinerary and being super organised but time has just flown by. Luckily, Marco Polo Guides have come to the rescue and I’ve been reading up on some of the destinations I’ll be visiting and getting a better idea of where I want to go and what to see. If you’ve not heard about my trip before, I’m spending the first three weeks on a coast…

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