Saving Up for a House Deposit Made Easier

Saving for your house deposit is one of the biggest financial projects you’ll undertake and while it might seem like a never-ending task, it’s really not. However, you have to start somewhere and you have to keep going if you’re to reach your target – usually around £15,000 to £20,000. Here’s some tips to help you on your way. Work out your budget Saving up money means you have to first work out how much you can save without having a huge impact on your daily life and happiness. Visit this websiteand use the budget calculator to determine your incomings…

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Lucerne, Switzerland

How to spend the day in Lucerne, Switzerland On a Budget

I can’t believe I’ve not written at all about my trip to Switzerland earlier this year. I was visiting a friend in Zurich but decided to take the train over to Lucerne for the day. The train cost 52 Swiss Francs which is about £40 for a 45-minute journey, quite expensive but Switzerland is a very expensive country. I had quite a few options of places to visit from Zurich on a day trip such as Bern or The Rhine Falls but decided Lucerne was the place to be. As I said Switzerland isn’t the cheapest of places but a…

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The Cheapest Countries to Enjoy a Self-Catering Holiday

Countless sun seekers and travellers-to-be are opting for self-catering holidays. It’s easy to see why, since it affords you that extra bit of freedom to define where and when you splash the cash. Of course, even with that freedom, holiday budgets aren’t always as lavish as they once were in today’s belt-tightening times. Luckily, smart holidaymakers are finding more and more ways to make their money go further. It also helps to know which holiday destinations offer the best value for money in self-catering. A few recommendations across the globe are listed below, from Europe’s best-kept secrets to the most far-flung exotic…

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Get the Self-Portrait Look On The High Street

In the past six months to a year, the brand Self-Portrait has really taken the fashion world by storm. Everyone seems to have picked up pieces from the brand including the Azaelea dress! I don’t blame them, they are freakin’ gorgeous. I adore the Self-Portrait style and would eventually love to buy a dress but they are slightly out of my price range. I also really do love the Azaelea style but I’ve read a few articles online that if you’ve got boobs bigger than a B cup, you’ve got no chance. I hate it when that happens! I’ve been noticing some…

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