How to Bring Some Positive Energy into the Home

December 10, 2018

When was the last time you were able to totally leave the stresses of the day behind? After a long day at work filled with meetings and emails, it’s important to be able to switch off and escape to your own sanctuary. If you need some inspiration for creating a serene and positive space that makes you happy, here are some ideas.  

How to Bring Some Positive Energy into the Home - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Lighten Up 

Ensuring you are getting enough natural light can go a long way to boosting your mood. A lack of access to sunlight can lead to seasonal affective disorder, which is common during these winter months. To enhance the daylight in your home, draw the curtains and keep blinds open and allow the sunlight in. Also, painting your walls white and hanging mirrors will reflect the light in the space, making it brighten your mood and make the room appear more spacious.  

Add Some Scents  

Fragrance can cause an emotional response, evoke memories and have an impact on our wellbeing. Essential oils in particular have properties that trigger the areas of our brain that cause us to relax. To add some beautiful scents to a space, burn some candles or add a diffuser comprising your favourite fragrances. Diffusers like these from Neom Organics are a lovely addition to the home and you can choose the one that best suits your mood.  

Rainbow Colours 

We all know that yellow is a happy colour. But where did this come from? Scientific research conducted by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam revealed that shades of yellow and green increase our happiness levels, as well as hope and excitement. Blues, meanwhile, bring a sense of peace. With this in mind, it’s worth adding these colours around the home to promote tranquillity. Add splashes of lemon and invest in some green plants to help boost your happiness levels. 

How to Bring Some Positive Energy into the Home - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

Picture Perfect 

According to a study by the University of Portsmouth, looking at photographs of loved ones can make us feel calm. Sentimental photos of family and friends can trigger feelings of positivity, making them an effective tool for soothing the senses. If you have been meaning to hang some photos or print off the snaps on your phone, it’s worth setting aside some time to select your favourites and prepare them in a way that means you can hang them around the house.  

How do you make your home a positive and peaceful space? Do you have any other home interiors ideas for soothing the soul and calming the mind after a busy day?  


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  1. Jackie Allum says:

    I find if I’m stressed, I open all the windows (even if it’s cold) and clean the room. I don’t know what it is but it’s that feeling of freedom that comes over me when I clear the clutter. Once it’s done then relax.

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