Vivacious Ensembles in Violet: Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

September 3, 2018

Every year, Pantone, a provider of professional colour language standards and digital solutions, announces the ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’ in accordance with ‘Zeitgeist’, a concept from 18th-19th-century German philosophy translating as ‘spirit of the age’. This year Pantone has announced ‘Ultra-Violet’ as the colour of the year communicating the idea of originality and visionary thinking that will lead us in the future. Intricate and introspective, Ultra-Violet is the colour of the times ahead of us. Ultra-Violet, in its various forms, has always been inspiring human race to create and discover better, taking our consciousness to a higher level.

Violet is a spectral colour, with an eminent relationship with royalty. Consequently, many fashion designers and trendsetters in India favour violet colour when it comes to the most majestic of their creations. Needless to say, adding these violet-coloured ensembles will lift up the dull-spirits and instantly elevate your wardrobe’s collection. This colour is generously adding to our artistic expression, accentuating the visual aesthetic which our ensembles are known for.

So, give your wardrobe some regal high with the following exquisite collection of Indian designer dresses and jewellery in Violet sourced directly from Carma Online’s fashion catalogue which features the who’s who of Indian luxury fashion scene.

Vivacious Ensembles in Violet: Pantone Colour of the Year 2018


Violet Cold Shoulder Printed Gown

This Violet coloured gown from Falguni and Shane Peacock is undoubtedly beyond gorgeous. While ‘cold-shoulders’ is giving it a contemporary touch, the very flattering ‘fit and flare’ style has enhanced the entire look of the gown. Moreover, the gold detailing is making it look more exquisite. This gown is one fine example of how bold and spirited colours like Violet can be put to their best use.

Ombre bead work stitched saree

When it comes to wearing something intricately woven which expresses the feminine aspect with so much vivacity, saree is your thing. The best thing about wearing a saree is that it looks amazing irrespective of the body type. This ombre stitched saree by Shruti Sancheti creates magic with Violet. The crimson red piping along with beaded border makes it look more appealing. The thread embroidered silk blouse which is tinted with beadwork detailing completes the look. Unquestionably this silk wonder is going perfectly well with the mettle of Violet, empowering and exuberant.

Vivacious Ensembles in Violet: Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

Pastel Rani two stone earrings

Carma Online’s fabulous designer jewelry collection is full of opulent pieces. This pair of earrings by ISHARYA is one of the best among them. If you are looking to get that minimal yet modish look, you can count them in your best picks. Pleated with 24k gold and set in brass, this daffodil and violet quartz can go well with anything to everything. Full of character yet significantly simple, this piece is sure to uplift your dampen spirits.

Vivacious Ensembles in Violet: Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

Violet Embellished Sliders

Made from denim, these violet sliders from Flori are great to go with your traditional outfit. Accentuated with stone embellishments, they are comfortable to wear and still manage to look great. Our designers have crafted them in Violet denim, which is perfectly going with the charm of the colour. With these sliders adorning your feet, you won’t possibly require any other accessory to enhance your look.

The ‘Pantone colour of the year 2018’ means so much more than just a trend. As Violet suggests, the present times require more originality and imagination in the world of Fashion, and CarmaOnline, in its endeavours to match the spirit of this ‘bold and beautiful’ colour, boasts of a fantastic catalogue of Indian designers that are pushing the boundaries for more creative freedom. Time to add some violet to your wardrobe, ladies!


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