Which fake tan is best for your skin type?

September 4, 2018

If you are mulling over going down the self-tanning route, you might still be concerned about the extent to which you could truly benefit from fake tan. After all, if your skin tone is fair, you might hold off applying fake tan out of a fear that you will end up looking orange or patchy, as The Sun notes.

All the same, overly dark skin could tempt you into ruling out using any kind of fake tan at all. However, people of a broad spectrum of skin tones can actually benefit, as this article attests…

Which fake tan is best for your skin type?

What if you are pale and interesting?

Given some of the scare stories that you might have heard or read about fake tan on light skin, you could understandably feel reticent about following what looks like a dubious lead. Ironically, though, poor results of self-tanned pale skin could largely be attributed to such fears…

As explained in this InStyle article, the “zebra stripe” effect results from too little product being rubbed excessively into the skin. Concerns about self-tanning could lead you to attempt to tan a lot of your body using a minuscule part of a tanning solution.

However, it’s impossible to overuse self-tan due to the skin’s limits in how much tanning agent it can absorb. You can further ease your worries by using a gradual tan, as this will have relatively little tanning agent anyway and so allow you to build up layers.

Find a happy middle ground with your medium skin

Does your skin tone fall somewhere between light and dark? Then congratulations – you can choose from a broader range of self-tanning products than people of lighter skin. Harper’s Bazaar particularly recommends tanning mouse due to how easily and simply it can be applied.

Another benefit of a mousse formula is that it is likely to take just minutes to dry; therefore, you probably won’t have many problems if you apply it just before dressing or getting into bed.

If your skin also happens to be sensitive, another worry you might have could be that of inadvertently applying harmful toxic chemicals to your skin. Fortunately, however, the range of natural tanning products on offer includes mousse from Tropic Skincare.

Avoid giving yourself a dark fright

Having dark skin doesn’t make self-tanning pointless. In fact, applying fake tan to that skin could help in masking blemishes, evening out the skin tone and increase your skin’s overall radiance. The relative oiliness of your skin could also assist in preventing the tanning agent dehydrating overly soon.

As for what type of tanner to choose – reach for a sunless one. You can probably forgo a dark self-tanner; however, applying gradual self-tan in a light layer can make you subtly glow. It can also conceal imperfections in your skin. If you plump for a product finished with slight gold, your complexion will thank you – and, overall, you can look delightfully fresh-faced.

As you can now see, choosing an effective fake tan doesn’t have to be too arduous.


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