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There are some types of jewellery that you wear to fit with a certain look, to act as an accessory that highlights a neckline on a dress, or to complement some beautiful beading. There are some types of jewellery, though, that mean far more to us.

It could be that we inherited it off a dear relative and we wear it to remind us of happier times with them, but whatever the reason, these types of jewellery are worn day and night, regardless of occasion. Recently I’ve realised the strong attachment people have towards charm bracelets.

Right on trend

Aside from being such a sentimental gift, charm jewellery has become a hugely popular trend in recent years. It’s actually the perfect gift for someone when you think about it. There are many big-name brands out there that have swept through the fashion world and taken it by storm.

What I love about it though, is that there really is something for everyone. Whether it’s a rose gold, boho-style bracelet with a feather, or an elegant pearl bracelet with a simple peace symbol. I love how people can totally change the style and meaning of a bracelet.

You know me though; I like to be different. Rather than opt for one of the high street brands, I prefer something with a little more of a unique twist to it. Which is why the stunning handmade jewellery from ChloBo really stands out to me. A lot of their collections work well together, so you can mix and match different styles to suit your own. What really peaked my interest though, was how they can give you the perfect charm to suit your soul.

Chlobo Jewellery - Rachel Nicole UK Blogger

The meaning of charms

Charms are quite romantic and mystical, which is probably why so many people love them, and why I’m now hooked too! The idea that the perfect stone can bring the wearer calm and serenity throughout their day, or that it can bring them luck as long as they’re wearing a certain symbol, is something most people would like to believe in. There’s something fun about looking at that side of charms, and I was determined to find mine.

Of course, lots of people can assign different meanings to their charm bracelets and the trinkets they wear, but I think for me, I’d have to go with the dreamball, the hamsa hand, the moon and the tassle. The dreamball is a symbol of a sacred place to keep your dreams, and I certainly have enough hopes and dreams for my future to need a place to store them!

The hamsa hand is a protective sign, said to bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune. The moon is a protective sign too, but also a symbol of magic. Which is something I think everyone could use a touch of in their lives. And finally, the tassel, although it is said ton distract evil and negativity. I also like to think of as a nod to the fashionista side of my personality.

What would your charm signs be? Have you heard ChloBo before?




  1. July 9, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    I have a charm bracelet by Thomas Sabo. It’s really nice that they can be customised to reflect one’s personality.


  2. July 18, 2016 / 8:24 am

    I’m such a huge ChloBo fan, I love their stacking bracelets. I’m drawn towards anything with feathers, peace symbols or dreamcatchers. 🙂

    T x

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