Thursday, 30 October 2014

Guest Post: The iOS Health App

Anyone who loves fashion knows that trends change all the time. One minute something is hot. The next, it isn’t. In many ways it’s like the technology race that constantly occurs as manufacturers strive to be the first to create the ‘next big gadget’ with brands like Apple becoming as fashionable and as much a style statement as Gucci or Prada. 
It’s for this reason that updates are constantly being made. No one wants to be left holding last year’s phone – or least not if it is running last year’s operating system – and this means that big brands are always looking to start new trends.
This year, Apple’s latest iPhone hit a couple of snags over claims of “bendy” handsets but the new operating system – iOS 8 – gave plenty to smile about. We fashionistas were most interested in the new Health app … but why?
Known simply as ‘Health’, this application helps you to keep track of your health and fitness. It comes with a range of impressive features and works to integrate information from your other apps for maximum results. For anyone concerned with health, fitness, beauty or fashion it is a great way to ensure your body is in the best condition and we all know that a healthy body is a beautiful one!
One of the things we love most about the Health app is its universal appeal. Both young and old deserve to look fashionable, feel great and stay healthy. The app does that and whether you’re a budding fashion designer or a resident of a McCarthy & Stone retirement property looking to prove that you don’t have to be young to be fashionable, you can benefit from this app.

When used alongside other related apps, Health can collect and analyse data such as:

* Blood sugar
* Heart rate
* Calories burned
* Cholesterol levels

The app helps to keep everything in one place, showing you a precise view of your overall health. You can also use it to create an accessible emergency card that lists a lot of important information, such as allergies and your blood type.
You can control what you share with each health and fitness app. You can even set Health so that your blood pressure readings are shared directly with your doctor!
The new Health app is definitely one of the best features of the iOS8 update and a must-have trend for any tech conscious fashionista. Once you’ve figured out how to use it, taking care of yourself and monitoring your health becomes a lot easier and that means a more beautiful you!

Have you used the new Health app on the new update? Let me know what you think!

*I was compensated for this feature*

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Village SS15 Press Event

Last week I was in London for a couple of events, One of them being the Village SS15 Press Event. Village PR looks after a fair few amazing designers and brands such as Rebecca Minkoff, Holly Fulton, Ashish, Fyodor Golan, Supra and Tatty Devine. I was very excited to take a closer look at the new collections. Here's a few of my favourite items I saw.. 
Let's start with the new SS15 Collection from Rebecca Minkoff. I'm a huge fan of the Mini Mac (Forever on my wishlist) and was so happy to see a new take on it. Pastels. Such beautiful lilacs and pinks. There was a few pairs of shoes which were also gorgeous. I utterly adored this collection.

I do love my Disney stuff so I immediately was drawn to the Disney X Wood Wood collaboration. With printed Mickey Mouse jumpers and blouses and also Mesh jumpers - I loved it! 
Peter Jenson collaborated with Peanuts in this fun collection. There was also a lot of prints in the collection, It was just quirky and fun! I loved this little display, super cute!

I saw the ASHISH collection at LFW (It made headlines with a Kimye jumper) and loved how bold and sparkly it was. Seeing it up close and personal was a different story, the embellishment on the collection is phenomenal and I just loved the wacky bold designs. I also fell madly in love with the feather heels with sparkly heels.

Finally, one of my favorite collections at the press event was the Fyodor Golan SS15 collection. The designs were unbelievable. Vibrant colours with metallic accents and 3d flowers, the shapes were amazing too. I fell for the floral number, a perfect dress for making a fun statement in!

There was so many amazing collections, I wish I could feature them all but I would be here for days. Let me know which collection above is your favorite? 
Also, the winner's of my festive gift guide giveaway have been announced on my Twitter page!


Friday, 24 October 2014


Kipling is a brand I've always being familiar with, My Grandma and Mum have quite the collection of Kipling bags! So when Kipling contacted me to take part in their #SheWearsKipling campaign I jumped at the chance to get involved. 
#SheWearsKipling is all about all the different ways to style up their new collection. They kindly sent me Alenya Shoulder Bag and seen as these bags are so practical, stylish and great for everyday use. I thought I would style it up quite casually and what I would wear to lectures. The fact that the bag is so lightweight and spacious means it's great to have all my uni work in there and still be stylish with the print.If you've being reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a big fan of animal print so this style is perfect for me. 
Top -Matalan
Shoes - Primark

What do you think of the bag? Do you like Kipling?

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Pizza Express, Brindley Place

Last week, I was invited along to try out the new Autumn Menu at Pizza Express at The Brindley Place branch. This will come as a shock to most people but I'm not actually a fan of Pizza but recently I've been all about going to new restaurants and eating different things - Plus I can't resist Pizza Express Dough Balls..
If you've never being to Birmingham, Brindley Place is such a lovely area by the canal but unfortunately it was like monsoon season whilst we was there. When Alex and I arrived at Pizza Express, we was quickly seated and the waiter took our drinks order. I opted for Rosé wine and Alex got a cider. 
After mulling over the new Autumn menu, I obviously went for Dough Balls for my starter. They were just amazing. A new addition to the menu is the Dough Balls Formaggi which are slightly different to the original as they are baked in cheese. Alex chose these and I tried one or two and they taste really great - Quite like Cheese Twists.

 For the main course I chose the Margherita pizza - I know a bit boring but it's a classic. It was actually really great considering I don't eat pizza. 
 Alex chose the Sloppy Giuseppe which was Spicy Beef, Red Onions and Peppers. There was no complaints coming from Alex as he wolfed this down in no time. He said he really enjoyed it. 
 Of course, when it comes to desserts I am all over that. I picked the Chocolate fudge cake and oh my it was divine. It came with a scoop of ice cream and the slice was pretty big so i was very much full up after all of this.
 Alex tried out the Leggera Chocolate Cheesecake, He tried to get Vanilla Cheesecake but unfortunately it wasn't available. The Chocolate Cheesecake was very nice though, I tried it myself and It was spot on for me. Alex thoroughly enjoyed it too.

I'd like to thank Pizza Express for having us, It was a really nice evening there. The food was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed trying something sort of new (ha). I was also surprised as I hadn't being to Pizza Express in years, It's a lot more up market than I thought and a great standard for the price. I would definitely go again and that's saying a lot for someone who doesn't really go for this type of food!
You can find out more about the new Pizza Express Autumn Menu here.

Let me know down below if you have dined at Pizza Express recently!


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