Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Millie Mackintosh Peplum Dress

Long time no speak (like four days ha!), I'm currently in the middle of my Dissertation now, So that's my main focus right now. I really wanted to share these photo's of my new Millie Mackintosh dress which i acquired at the Voucher Codes Swap Shop! It was brand new from House Of Fraser and probably my favorite find! (I did also get the Zara floral bomber jacket which Mary Berry had and that's on par too)
It's a really cute dress with a peplum hem which I was unsure about but it's actually quite flattering! I was aware Millie did a little collection for House of Fraser but after a little investigation, I've fallen in love with this other piece too. How amazing and elegant is it? The collection is really beautiful!
Heels - Payless Shoes

In other news, I've become a gym nut. Who'd have thought that? I've really gotten into it now! 
Also, My BonmarchĂ© giveaway has ended now and the winner has been announced on my Twitter!


Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

To continue with the sort of Christmas theme of this week's posts, I thought I'd upload a festive inspired outfit. Christmas is really creeping up on us now, the German market in Birmingham has just opened and I've just booked to go to Winter Wonderland next week!
I just need to say how obsessed I am with this fur jacket. It's from Miss Selfridge and it was basically love at first sight. I thought it would be great for going out round Christmas and I can even pair it with jeans to dress it down.
I think this dress from House Of Fraser is such a festive colour which I matched with a pair of shoes which I believe are from Matalan. I acquired them at Voucher Codes Blogger Swap Shop on Monday. I got to exchange some garments which I didn't really wear and get some brand new items - Some were even brand new! I'll be featuring them all soon!

Bag - Chanel
Shoes - Matalan

Also, Did anyone see the S Club 7 reunion last night? It's literally made my week! The stylist probably needed sacking but I just hope they tour so I can see that in person!


Friday, 14 November 2014

What's In My Make-Up Bag Winter 2014

I've decided to do another What's in my make-up bag today. My last one was in July which isn't that long ago but I've realized EVERYTHING has changed. You can read my last post here - I still use  and love everything on that apart from the bronzer. This post i suppose is sort of what i wear on a daily basis.
First let's start with the make-up bag which is from SewLomax* - They have some really cute designs like these lipstick one! The only thing that's the same is my foundation, I have tried a couple of others but I do really love the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I'm still on the hunt for a better one!
I'll briefly touch on the Seventeen Brow's That - I talked about it in my recent favourites here. Just a very easy kit to use and perfect for my brow shade - Maybe not for everyone. 
I managed to get the yes to cucumbers daily calming moisturiser for about £4 down from £11.99 due to it having a damaged box. It's really helped my skin and it smells lovely. I have also tried the yes to grapefruit exfoliating wipes but they really irritated my skins so not very keen on those. 
I did include the Reve de Miel Lip Balm in my last What's in my make-up bag but this is a stick version and I've just been using this way more and find the pot version gets your fingers quite sticky so this is a lot better. This probably is the best lip balm I've ever tried.
This masacara has such gorgeous packaging but it's so hard to photograph. I bought this Burberry Effortless Marscara in TK:Maxx for £14.99 - I think it had about £10 off. I'd totally recommend looking in TK:Maxx, I've seen a lot of Burberry, Laura Mercier and even MAC in there!
This is a really great mascara, not the best I've ever used - Benefit's They're Real is my all time top one! I'm going to be doing a full review on this mascara soon so keep an eye out!
Benefit's Whatt's Up was recommended to me from one of my best friends Jorden who has a blog here. I'd been eyeing it up for months and I finally caved. It's such a beautiful golden highlighter, really pigmented. The sponge it comes with is useless but blended with the right brush it creates a gorgeous highlight.
Seventeen's Contour Kit has crept it's way into my make-up bag to replace the Sleek one. I really like the lighter shade to apply above my cheeks and the bronze is a lovely shade. I've been buying quite a few different contour kits which I'm trying to try out so I'll let you know which one I prefer in the end.
I've already spoken about my Chanel Les Bieges Powder and Bobbi Brown Eyeliner* in October Favourites. I love these products, the liner is so long lasting and easy to apply and the Chanel powder is so silky smooth on my skin and just works really well.
I'm not sure if I could live without my Nars Orgasm Blush, such a staple item to give you a gentle glow. To finish off my make-up bag  I have some Tarte eyelash curlers. They are pretty standard and do the job!

Let me know what you have in your make-up bag, It's pretty obvious I'm a beauty addict so I'm always looking for new recommendations!


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Get Party Ready with New Look

I'm definitely one of those girls who empty their whole wardrobe on the floor and declare "I have nothing to wear" just before going out with the girls. Especially now it's leading up to the festive season where everyone's thinking about what to wear. 
New Look asked me to do a little post on their brand new Party Ready Guide. It helps you with what to wear at the office party to on Christmas day - It's got you covered. I love that it there's little bits of advice and tips on what to take in your bag, how to make your make-up last and lot's more!
You can view the full interactive guide here and find your party look! If you slide scroll across the celebrity style you can see how to steal their look, my favorite is defiantly the office party look - The fur stole looks incredibly soft!

Let me know your favorite looks from the guide! Do you have a special party your attending this Christmas?


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