Friday, 27 November 2015

Fashion: Fancy Frock Friday - Black Friday Special

It's no secret that I love a good sparkly frock and when it comes to the festive time of the year, I am always hunting down the best sparkling princess dress to wear for New Years or a Christmas Party. For the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my favourite party dresses and I thought I'd kick it off today with some amazing bargain frocks as it's Black Friday & there is lot's of great deals. 

Here's a run-down of some of the best deals today for Black Friday - 
20% off at Missguided
20% off at ASOS with the code 'CYBER'
Up to 50% at New Look
Up to 50% at Topshop
Up to 50% at
20% off Selfridges
30% off at with the code 'BlackFriday' 
30% off at with the code 'BlackFriday' 
30% off at with the code 'BlackFriday' 
Price Match Event at John Lewis (20% off a lot of items!)
25% off Chi Chi Clothing  - 30% off until 6pm with the code 'Cyber30'
25% off Jones + Jones Clothing using the code 'BlackFriday25'
30% off at Motel 
30% off at Ark Clothing
& If food's on your mind get at Large Pizza from Dominos Delivered for £7.99 -  Bargain!

Let me know what you think of my new 'Fancy Frock Friday' series. Have you managed to grab a bargain today? Which was your favourite party dress?



Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Travel: Hampton by Hilton Hotel, Sheffield & 1D!

At the end of October, I spent a couple of days in Sheffield with my friend Becca. The main purpose of the trip was to see One Direction (They are my guilty pleasure and Bec is their #1 fan!). I was in charge of booking a hotel and as I'd never been to Sheffield before I had no idea where was best but most hotels were around £60 a night, but I chose the Hampton by Hilton as breakfast was included! 
The hotel was situated a couple of streets away from the high street and down a BIG hill (which wasn't fun walking up), We arrived about an hour before check-in, but they were more than accommodating and found us an available room. Neither of us had stayed in a Hampton by Hilton Hotel before and I had a preconception that it would be quite basic as it's a more affordable option, but the hotel was absolutely lovely and definitely not your basic hotel. 
We had a twin room, which was quite spacious with a TV, tea making facilities, a desk and a big wardrobe equpited with a iron and ironing board! The bathroom was gorgeous and perfect lighting for selfies (which is very important). Whilst we are on the subject of selfies, the room had an amazing big mirror which was perfect for outfit photos (#bloggerproblems). 
Whilst getting ready for the big concert, we decided to check out Marco Pierre White's restaurant which was downstairs. I know Marco has a couple of different restaurants but this one was a Marco's New York Italian so I decided to order a margertia pizza with a cheeky side of fries. Becca went for the Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Salad which looked delicious. The food was brilliant but very filling and the service was great there. It was a lovely restautant! 
We then got an Uber over to the Sheffield Arena which was only about £6 (If you're interested in getting your first Uber ride free then use my code 'rachels7679eu'). We caught the end of Jamie Lawson who was the support before the boys came on. The show was really good and I had a brilliant night!
It seemed that everyone in the hotel had breakfast included in the price which is really good. There was a large selection of cereals, fruit, pastries and cooked items. We both took advantage of the breakfast and had a bowl of cereal followed by a couple of cooked items which tasted great. I didn't get many photo's as it was a pretty busy. I loved how the food area had a great big breakfast bar in the middle. 
Our stay at the Hampton by Hilton was short but sweet but very worth the money we paid. For £59 for both of us including breakfast and a stay in such a lovely place, I personally thought this was a brilliant deal. In future, when booking hotels I definatly will keep my eye out for Hampton by Hilton and would recommend it! 

Have you stayed at an Hampton by Hilton Hotel before? Did you see 1D this year? 



Monday, 23 November 2015

Guest Post: The Ultimate Christmas Smile

No Christmas party ensemble is complete without the perfect, pearly white smile to set off the cascading sea of sequins. With the winter season come the show-stopping festivities, not to mention all the luxurious rich foods we all love to indulge in. Red wine, Starbucks Christmas cups… Oh, and lots of cheese!
While all these foods are absolutely to die for, we mustn’t forget to keep our smiles sparkling. At Ollie & Darsh we have your ultimate treatment guide to ensure your teeth stay as bright as your dress!
Snack smart
All of our favourites – mince pies, Christmas pudding, sweeties and chocolate – are all on the worst offenders list when it comes to sugar overload! Sugar is your smile’s worst enemy so our advice is to stay away or at least keep indulgences to a minimum. Why not snack on some raw veggies? They’re super healthy for you and their crunchiness means you produce more saliva, naturally protecting your teeth from sugar attacks!
Be drink aware
That gorgeous glass of spicy red mulled wine is hard to resist. But remember that red wine is very much prone to staining the teeth. By all means enjoy a glass or two but try to stick to clear drinks if you want to keep your pearly whites just that. Or, try drinking through a straw to reduce the impact on your teeth.
Don’t let the routine slip
You crash through the door after a fantastic night out, but you’re totally exhausted and ready to hit the hay as soon as possible. Don’t let that comfy bed tempt you just yet. You need to make sure that your dental hygiene routine stays up to scratch – your dental health has to remain a priority!
Strike a pose!
At a Christmas party there’s almost certainly going to be some sneaky snaps being taken. Make sure you highlight your best feature – your smile! Tilt your head at a ¾ angle from the camera to highlight your bone structure and angle your chin down so your smile is the focus. That way your smile will look gorgeous and you’ll have Christmas party photos you’ll look back on and love in years to come.

Keeping your grin as gorgeous as your gown, whether it be Christmas Eve down at the pub, Christmas Day with the family, or the most glamorous of New Years’ Eve parties is something important to think about. We’re certain you’ll find the treatment, or maybe even just the advice, you’re looking for this Christmas!

*This is a guest post in collaboration with Ollie & Darsh*

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Lifestyle: Favourite TV Shows with Freeview Play

I absolutely love that the term "Binge-Watch" is the Collins Dictionary word of the year. I am very guilty of binge watching TV, especially when I get going with a new show, I can't stop and I always end up watching five seasons in a week. Freeview Play recently contacted me to share this little GIF to show how TV has changed throughout the years and to divulge my favourite TV Shows so I decided to do my Top 10. 
10. New Girl - I don't think I've seen the latest season of New Girl but I really love this show. How funny is Schmidt? I love Zooey Deschanel and her adorkable personality in New Girl, I'm not sure how I feel about Megan Fox replacing her for a season!
9. The Inbetweeners - Probably one of the best British Comedies, this show is the typical lives of British lads in college. This show has me in stitches and I love everyone now just repeats all the jokes. Oooo.. Friends! The movie's aren't half bad either!
8. Keeping Up With The Kardashians - My absolute guilty pleasure, I used to watch a ton of reality TV but this is the only reality show that I really watch nowadays. I just find the Kardashians hilarious and at the same time I can lust after their wardrobe's!

7. First Dates - Me and my Mum love watching First Dates which is on Channel 4 and shows the first dates of different people. It's a really interesting watch to see how people get along and there's been some big disasters too!

6. Once Upon A Time - I've just got into watching Once Upon A Time and I'm only mid-way through season two but if you're a Disney fan it's one for you. It's hard to explain but real life is entangled in with the fairytale land and there are plenty of Disney characters. 
5. Pretty Little Liars - Everyone always goes on about Pretty Little Liars, It always manages to shock me and I binged watched like 5 seasons in a month it was so gripping. Without spoiling anything, I was pretty disappointed in the last episode but I am now quite looking forward to the next season which starts in January. On a separate note, I want to be Ashley Benson. Total Babe. 
4. Modern Family - I love Modern Family, It's such an easy watch and utterly hilarious. I could binge watch this all day! 
3. The Big Bang Theory - Another American Comedy on my list. I didn't even think that The Big Bang Theory would ever be my thing as I have 0 interest in science and all that but I love it. Sheldon is such a hilarious character and really makes the whole show. 
2. Gossip Girl - You know you love me, XOXO. Gossip Girl was my teenage years and I spent most of the time wishing I was Blair Waldorf with my minions on the Upper East Side. I actually was in New York and saw them filming the last ever episode in Central Park, I obviously sat on The Met steps and pretending to be Blair Waldorf.  
1. Friends - Of Course, Friends is my favourite TV Show. I've seen every episode like a hundred times and I never get bored of re-runs. It still makes my laugh and I can't get through life without a good old Friends quote. 

What are you favourite TV Shows? Fan of Friends?

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